It’s sometimes discouraging to new clients to find out that it often takes Google weeks or months to rank their site and include it in the first or second page of its listings. Given that everything is supposed to work faster in the Internet age, why does it take so much time to begin attracting new customers from the world’s largest search engine?

The answers can vary quite a bit, depending on the keywords, market, and website in question. There are a few important things you should keep in mind, however:

The amount of time to index and rank a site can vary quite a bit. In some rare cases, we’ve heard of the site ranking in Google in as little as 24 hours; for other businesses, the wait has been months or longer. On average, you should probably expect that it’s going to take several weeks to start seeing results from your new website launch and/or SEO campaign.

Google doesn’t trust you right away. Google places more weight on older, existing sites and has an inherent mistrust of brand-new webpages. If you have high-quality content and inbound links, you can somewhat mitigate this effect, but know that Google’s trust has to be earned over time – they don’t believe in love at first site.

The level of competition is important. In some markets and industries, it’s difficult to rank well right away simply because there are so many other businesses in front of you that have done a lot of search engine optimization work in the past. In other words, the problem isn’t necessarily with Google, but with the other companies who want to win the same customers that you do.

Sustainable, high-quality search engine optimization takes time. Regardless of how long it takes for the process to get started, earning a profitable search engine position, and maintaining it, is a long-term process. Suspect that it’s going to take some time, effort, and fresh content to become and remain a leader.

The bottom line? You absolutely can reach one of the top spots in Google if you’re willing to devote the right resources and have a great Internet marketing team on your side. But, for the best results – and to profit from a good search engine ranking for years to come – it pays to be patient and not expect things to happen right away.

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