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Milwaukee Reviews Online

Reviews are getting more and more important for local business reputation, consideration, and search engine optimization. It is tempting to write fake online reviews for your business, however, you may want to think again. As a recent article about Yelp noted, online review sites are stepping up their campaign against fake reviews, now attempting to sue fake reviewers.

That’s right: The online review giant Yelp is now taking fake-review publishers to court. More than that, they must think that they have a pretty good case because they’re even going after a San Diego law firm that they accuse of publishing fake reviews that praised the firm’s work. So, how can Yelp accuse the law firm of posting fraudulent reviews? Yelp tracked several posters’ accounts to a single computer used by the law firm.

With the importance of social media and product reviews becoming pivotal in search ranking and purchasing decisions, it’s only human to think about posting a sparkling review for your business. You may want, however, to make sure it doesn’t get any farther than that. Not only could you ruin your business’s good reputation if word got out, it appears you could now get dragged into court too.

Instead of trying to game the system, get credible reviews from real customers and watch social media work its magic for your business. And, if you’re not sure how to get them, let us know: We can help you build a Milwaukee internet marketing strategy that will help. Contact us today for review advice 414-208-0700.

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