Project Description

SmartCon Solutions is an energy management integrator based in East Hartford, CT. They specialize in installing and commissioning automated occupancy based room controls. With the use of technologies like lighting automation and window shade controls, their clients are able to regulate energy consumption in their buildings without affecting occupant comfort.

When we first began working with SmartCon, they expressed how unhappy they were with their current web design. This came as no surprise to us as they were utilizing Wix, which is (in our professional opinion) the least desirable web host. SmartCon was looking for a streamlined, user-friendly website with a sophisticated, modern look. To achieve their result, we implemented both aesthetic and technological improvements.

Our Solutions

  • Redesigned website with a sleek, modern aesthetic appropriate for SmartCon’s progressive industry.
  • Reorganized navigation and layout to ensure an intuitive browsing experience for visitors
  • Curated new icons and images that better represent the business
  • Transferred domain away from Wix and began hosting website with a more powerful provider: WPEngine