Project Description

Serving on Groups’s website is an online resource center that primarily caters to professionals assisting children with disabilities and their families. It offers the Serving on Groups guidebook and training modules, initially designed to aid families during their children’s IEP meetings but has since broadened in scope. Conversely, the Leading by Convening website provides training for professionals, emphasizing leadership in group settings. Unique to its competitors, the Serving on Groups Guidebook was collaboratively developed with WI FACETS, and with a dedication to sharing these valuable resources, they’ve established a user-friendly website from Brew City Marketing to disseminate the content.

Their task for Brew City Marketing was to revamp their offerings through a new website design that would better provide information to current and potential clients. 

Our Solutions

  • Web design & development: We designed a new, interactive website for Serving on Groups’ clients to use and access resources. 
  • WordPress hosting: Their site is now hosted on WordPress, allowing for easier ongoing updates, adjustments, and functionality. 
  • On-page SEO: This component of our services improves search engine visibility and access for Serving on Groups. 

ADA compliance: We ensure that the Serving on Groups website is completely ADA compliant, an important factor for an organization such as theirs.