Project Description

Lifestar Emergency Medical Services provides ambulance service for the Critical Care level with various locations in Wisconsin. They specialize in transport between facilities, special event coverage, and 911 emergency response. Check out their website for a map that displays all of their locations and more details about their services.

Brew City Marketing partnered with Lifestar Medical Services to build an updated website with their most current service offerings that would be hosted on our secured hosting servers. Because they did not have a live website at the time that our partnership began, our team made sure to quickly build and launch a placeholder to maintain their digital presence while we worked on their project. Their main goals were to have a site that adequately supported and communicated to their audience while also being a location to post and accept job applications. 

Our Solutions

  • Created a landing page to maintain digital presence and communication during the website build.
  • Supported customization of their medical star logo to enhance functionality on the web platform.
  • Built a career page and application form to allow for on-site job listings and submissions.
  • Imported training and HIPAA forms that can be downloaded by website visitors.
  • Intentionally placed service information appropriately on the website for clear communication and ease of the user experience.
  • Built in a Facebook feed at the bottom of the site.
  • Infused copy with call-to-actions to assist with website navigation.