Project Description

For almost 19 years, Heartland Wisconsin Corp has been the go-to company for any business needing a heavy-equipment loan in Milwaukee and beyond. Their custom, handcrafted WordPress website courtesy of Brew City Marketing not only showcases their expertise of competitive financing but also serves as a one-stop shop for their customers.

Our Solutions

Because Heartland’s old website lacked both responsiveness and accessibility, these the two problems our team tackled first. We started by implementing a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress. Next, we emphasized their profit centers through design and copywriting in order to maximize the experience of the end user. Finally, we turned our attention to SEO, completing on and off-page SEO and optimizing their overall web presence–two actions which resulted in a 90% increase in form submissions. The result is a beautiful new website that’s professional and serves the people most critical to Heartland’s success: their customers!