Project Description

Hair Mania Studios was created in 2002 to provide rental space for stylists in the south suburbs of Milwaukee. Their tenants are made up of long-term stylists who have been able to build clientele quickly and take on new customers with flexibility. With a dedication to customer service and providing opportunities for growing professionals in the industry, Hair Mania Studios continues to thrive as a dependable hub for current and next-generation stylists.

Brew City Marketing partnered with Hair Mania Studios to build their first website ever. With little web presence or branding pre-established, we spent the beginning stages getting to know their business personality and digital style preferences. The client’s main goal was to entice local hair stylists who were looking for a studio/chair to rent. With our tested and proven web development skills and on-page SEO techniques we were able to provide them with a space where people can easily discover them, reach out with their inquiries, and leave reviews that inspire others to lease a chair. 

Our Solutions

  • Established a color palette and font systems that adequately displayed their personality and aligned with their existing logo.
  • Initiated critical design elements to assist with ease of site navigation.
  • Created a testimonial section where long-time tenants can give feedback on their Hair Mania experience.
  • Incorporated call-to-actions within their website copy to use the contact form and inquire about renting.
  • Infused their content with SEO best practices so their website is easily discoverable for stylists in search of a location to work from.