Project Description

Smoke Stacks, Inc. is a well-known provider of chimney and fireplace services. They have been serving customers with unparalleled dedication and expertise for over 20 years. Smoke Stacks has earned a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability, making it a leader in its industry. However, despite their strong service offerings, Smoke Stacks faced challenges with their digital presence. 

Their outdated website, built on HTML, made it difficult to update content and showcase their services and recent projects to potential clients. The outdated design, featuring an unappealing color scheme, also hindered their ability to effectively present themselves online. Smoke Stacks recognized the need for a modernized digital platform and turned to Brew City Marketing for a comprehensive solution. The primary concerns were the site’s cumbersome update process, its dated aesthetic, and the lack of functionality to adequately highlight their portfolio of completed projects.

Smoke Stacks approached Brew City Marketing to help them modernize their digital platform. The primary issues they wanted to address were the outdated look of their website, the difficulty in updating it, and the lack of functionality to showcase their portfolio of completed projects.

Our Solutions

  • Transitioned the website to WordPress for a modern and clean look, enhancing usability and design appeal.
  • Added new project pages to effectively showcase Smoke Stacks’ portfolio of work, highlighting their expertise and quality services.
  • Updated the website’s color scheme to refresh the brand’s online appearance with a more contemporary and inviting palette.
  • Implemented ongoing SEO strategies to improve the site’s visibility and attract potential customers.
  • Enhanced the website with continuous content development, ensuring the site remains relevant and engaging for visitors