Project Description

As a family-centered dance school, Cashel Dennehy School of Irish Dance has the unique mission of preserving Irish heritage through music and dance. The team at Cashel Dennehy understood the importance of utilizing the modern web to deliver their message, so they reached out to Brew City Marketing for a revamped website that’s consistent with their goal.

Our Solutions

Our revamp began with design: we wanted to retain the existing look and feel, but modernize and add new capabilities. By enhancing Cashel Dennehy’s existing “swirl” icon and developing a new circular logo, we moved to a more fluid design for the site, adding responsiveness to allow the dance families to have full access regardless of what device they’re using. After some punching-up of the copy and messaging on the site – along with some more striking visuals and addition of more white space for improved readability – we added enhanced functionality in the form of a “Family Section”. This improved area allows each dance family to have a unique login, allowing them to privately access documents, information, and schedules to further enhance their experience at Cashel Dennehy and help as they build their skills.

Since the launch of the new website, Cashel Dennehy has seen a 75% increase in average browsing session duration, which means that their customers are spending more time on their website! This is a clear improvement in engagement with the current and prospective dance families, signaling a path to continued success.