If there’s one thing that Open Pantry wants to be known for, it’s convenient service. So, when OP came to us for a new website for their retail convenience stores, our web designers made sure to bake convenience right into their new website design. And, because they wanted to be able to add and edit their own content, they now have a WordPress website that gives them total control of their content.

Their new website is bold, branded and ultra easy to use. In fact, it puts everything a quick one or two clicks away. Whether it’s learning about their rewards program and Walk MS charity work or finding their careers page and location information, using their website is as convenient and easy as shopping at their stores. Plus, it’s hooked up to all of their big social media accounts, so that they can share and connect with fans.

Visit the Open Pantry website to see our Milwaukee-area design and marketing services in action, including:

  • WordPress website design/redesign
  • Social media linking/integration
  • Website writing/SEO optimization
  • Mobile website design

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