A surprisingly high number of business owners and executives hardly ever think about WordPress hosting and security. After all, they rationalize, they don’t have access to million-dollar accounts or customer credit card numbers… they couldn’t possibly have to worry about sophisticated cyber crimes.

That’s understandable, but it also isn’t the way WordPress security works. In fact, smaller websites and blogs have more to worry about than other sites, not less, because most thieves and hackers aren’t looking for a huge payout – they are looking for an easy target.

In many cases, they aren’t trying to steal actual money, but rather to hijack your website or install malicious code. That makes WordPress security something you should pay serious attention to. Luckily, there are a few quick and easy steps you can take to help protect your site:

1. Back up everything, and back it up often.

Even without someone intentionally trying to wreck your site, it’s easy to accidentally lose all of your content, including posts and images, during an update or server crash. For that reason, everything on your WordPress site should be backed up frequently.

2. Don’t leave the front door wide open.

If you’re using usernames like “admin,” or passwords that resemble “password” or “1234,” then now is the time to make a change. These kinds of oversights are invitations to thieves, and amongst the biggest reasons that WordPress sites are commonly hacked.

3. Remember that updates and patches are recommended for a reason.

The great thing about WordPress, as a platform, is that it’s so popular. When someone discovers a security hole, developers work to close it quickly. You can only take advantage, however, if you update and patch your site as necessary (or have a business web designer do it for you).

4. Don’t ignore your WordPress site.

Often, the first way you can tell something is wrong with your site is by taking a quick look at it. If you never scan your own posts and pages, you might be the last to know that you have a security problem.

5. Sign up for periodic reviews and updates.

And finally, it’s a good idea to have a business web design and online marketing team look through your site once in a while – both to assess the security, and to see if your web business is growing as quickly as it should be.

Naturally, it helps to have the right business web design and Internet marketing team on your side when it comes to protecting your WordPress site. But, by following these five tips, you can put in a good “first line of defense” that will help you prevent the most common kinds of WordPress security problems.

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