Milwaukee SEO vs PPCThe purpose of this blog is to help business owners to understand the difference between SEO and PPC. For the purpose of exploring these two internet marketing options, I will focus on Google, which is the top search engine on the internet and they command 75% of all searches done online.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the section on Google (also, Yahoo, and Bing) that says “sponsored advertising.” This section is usually on the top of the search page and to the right. PPC Advertisers bid on keywords and pay for clicks. With PPC, you can manage your own campaign, or you can contract with an agency that provides this service for you.

PPC is one of two places that you can appear on Google. The other section is called Organic (also called SEO (search engine optimization)). This section includes the “Maps” as well as any results below the map section. There are many factors that the search engines look at when ranking websites in the SEO section. Among them is good website content, good code, registration of your maps page, and back links, to name a few.

PPC represents approximately 25% of all clicks on Google. On the flip side, SEO represents 75% of all clicks on Google, according to That’s a big difference. More people look at the SEO than at PPC. So logic would tell you that the best place for your business to appear is in the SEO (organic) section of Google. However, according to, only 10% of all online marketing dollars are being spent in the SEO section of Google. That’s right, 90% of businesses who advertise online are spending money in the PPC section.

So why are most businesses spending their advertising dollars in PPC if SEO has that much more traffic potential. First, PPC is immediate. With PPC, you can get ranked on page 1 of Google in a day. SEO can take months to rank a client on page 1. Also important to note is that most large Internet marketing companies don’t offer SEO as a service. It’s easier to sell PPC, because it’s immediate, and advertisers want immediate results. These companies have large sales forces that make a lot of calls, and sell a lot of advertising. This is why there is such a large disparity of dollars being spent on PPC vs. SEO, even though SEO is more important for long term Internet success than PPC.

Any good Milwaukee Internet marketing company understands the importance of SEO, and if your internet marketing company is not talking to you about SEO, you owe it to yourself to find a company that can get you in position to yield the highest potential traffic available to you online. This section is SEO and it’s very important to long term internet marketing success.

-34% of people go online to search a business, product, or service (higher than any other medium).
-Google is the number one search engine (75% of all search engines online)
-90% of all clicks on Google are in the SEO section

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