Amanda Dalnodar Google Certificate

Amanda Dalnodar

Founder, Operations

Little known fact about Amanda: she wrote the first draft of Brew City’s business plan on the plane ride home from her honeymoon. Amanda always knew she’d own her own company someday – and in one short plane ride, channeling a fearlessness and take-charge attitude that she’s imbued into Brew City’s culture, Amanda made it happen.

Day to day, Amanda manages the Brew City team. She knows firsthand how a fulfilling career can have a powerful impact on a person’s psyche and daily life, so she prioritizes making Brew City as collaborative, comfortable and person-centered as possible. She’s also serious about giving back, finding newer and better ways to lend a hand or impact the local community. She’s happiest when actively participating in events that make Milwaukee a great place to work and live.  

Amanda’s passion for marketing stems from the simple joy of helping small business owners grow and succeed. She enjoys learning about businesses and what makes them tick. From learning about a particular business’s profit centers to their value propositions, Amanda is invested in helping each and every client be successful.

Amanda holds a BS in Business Administration from UW-Milwaukee and has worked at a variety of Milwaukee companies such as MATA Community Media, AT&T Yellowpages and Aramark. When not at work, Amanda enjoys spending time with her 2 and 1 year old, who keep her busier than she could ever imagine. She also makes a point to unplug now and then by doing yoga, going on long nature hikes and hanging out at the WAC.