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Managed WordPress Hosting FAQs2019-06-25T17:42:24-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions About
Managed WordPress Hosting

What is managed WordPress hosting?2019-07-02T15:48:05-05:00

Managed WordPress hosting is premium hosting designed specifically for websites that use the WordPress platform. For the most part, it focuses on providing greater security for WordPress websites and for dealing with all of the backend tasks related to running on WordPress. The nice thing is that in doing so, it offers quite a few benefits for WordPress site owners over traditional hosting services, including:

  • Virtually hacker-proof websites
  • Increased website speeds
  • Automatic security updates
  • Increased compatibility (so fewer problems related to plugin conflicts and database corruption)
  • Less downtime (due to both security issues and during site redesigns)
How is it different than regular hosting?2019-07-02T15:47:22-05:00

In not-so-technical terms, it comes down to using dedicated servers that are configured specifically for WordPress websites. Typically, a WordPress website that is hosted on a dual-purpose server would need to be manually configured (and possibly the server too) to deal with plugin conflicts, security threats and the like. As the popularity of WordPress has grown, so too have security threats, and these manual configurations can lead to security holes that are hard to predict or detect.

Why is WordPress hosting more expensive?2019-07-02T15:46:15-05:00

Managed WordPress hosting is more expensive than standard hosting because it requires purchasing and partitioning servers that will only be used for WordPress hosting and nothing else. That means additional hardware, technology, and technical service costs over cheaper hosting services.

Is there anything wrong with non-WordPress hosting?2019-07-02T15:45:13-05:00

It all depends on a few factors. Specifically:

  • What platform is your website built on (WordPress or something else)
  • How likely your website is to be the target of an attack
  • How important is it that your website be accessible

If you have a WordPress hobby blog that’s just for friends and family, paying extra to keep your blog safe probably isn’t a priority. However, if you have a business website that you need up-and-running in order to sell your business, keeping your website safe from hackers is probably a big one.

How much does it cost?2019-07-02T15:40:33-05:00

Our current rate for full-service, managed WordPress hosting is $59 per month. That compares to $29 per month for our standard website hosting.

We know that this can seem like a considerable cost increase, but when you consider how much time and money it can take to troubleshoot and fix a website after it has been compromised, the cost difference is negligible. Website maintenance fees can range anywhere from $50 to $125 per hour, and it can take days to get a hacked or damaged website back online. Compare that to $20 per month, and the math takes care of itself.

Do I have to choose WordPress hosting?2019-07-02T15:39:30-05:00

The short answer is no, you do not have to. And, of course, if you use another service to host your site, we cannot force you to switch either. But be aware that if your website has any issues that would have been prevented with managed WordPress hosting, it will be your responsibility to either resolve the matter on your own (which includes calling and coordinating with your web host’s customer service) or to pay us to do so (at an hourly billable rate of $90 per hour).

What if I don’t go with regular hosting? What’s the worst that could happen?2019-07-02T15:36:31-05:00

If you’re lucky, nothing. If you’re a typical commercial website owner, however, a lot. Your website could be hacked and internal control hijacked and assumed by an unknown third party. That third party could take your website down and surreptitiously add malicious code, or try to gain sensitive information about you, your business, or your customers. You also don’t want a slow website or, worse, a timed out connection due to the server being overloaded with too many websites and traffic!

Is it hard to switch if I opt for regular hosting now? Will I have to pay some sort of switching fee?2019-07-02T15:34:26-05:00

If you choose the regular hosting plan and then decide it isn’t working for you, yes, there is a cost associated with migrating your website – $300. However, we make switching easy. We’ll do everything behind the scenes to minimize the potential for problems or downtime.

How do I sign up?2019-06-27T13:26:19-05:00

To learn more about Managed WordPress Hosting or to talk to us about signing up, call 414-208-0700 or fill out our contact form online today. We’ll schedule an appointment to discuss your hosting needs, answer your questions about hosting, or get you set up right away.

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