Milwaukee Website Design Dead EndsWith all that business owners and executives do to drive qualified traffic to their business websites, the last thing they want are “dead ends” where visitors drop off, lose interest, or run out of actions to take. And yet, in new account reviews, it isn’t uncommon for us to find several (or even dozens of) dead ends on otherwise healthy and profitable business websites.

Here are a few tips for getting rid of the biggest offenders on your own site and watching your conversion rates soar:

Clear up missing links and outdated information. When a visitor clicks on something that ends up not being there, it breaks their concentration and shows that your website isn’t as current as it could be.

Study bounce rates. If visitors are consistently leaving your business website at a certain point, that’s a sign that whatever they’re finding on that page isn’t enticing them to do more.

Include stronger calls to action. A potential customer wouldn’t be on your website if they weren’t interested. Make sure that each page or idea ends with an offer that they have a hard time passing up.

Show visitors where to turn for more information. Sometimes, potential buyers aren’t ready to get in touch with you until they know a bit more. Make sure they don’t leave without having all the relevant facts.

Does your business website have dead ends that shouldn’t be there? For help clearing up outdated information, analyzing your bounce rates, or improving the overall effectiveness of your site, contact us or visit our website at for more information.


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