Brew City Marketing Helps Wisconsin Family Triumph Over Tragedy

When we heard that the Krause family needed a website to help them connect with potential donors and volunteers, we knew that we had to do our part for this courageous Wisconsin family. The Krauses have faced challenges that most of us can’t even imagine—a catastrophic accident, diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder, the potential diagnosis of another—and yet, they still face each and every day with a strength and courage that humbles us. That’s why we’re proud to share our small part in their amazing story.

When high school sweethearts Ben and Kim got married and began planning their lives together, they certainly didn’t plan on the nearly-fatal accident in 2010 that would leave Kim a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. Even Ben’s training as a military firefighter and first responder couldn’t have prepared him for the overwhelming responsibility that caring for his wife, their children and their home would become for him after that day. And now, having gotten through “the worst” of it—the dangerous surgeries, the grueling physical therapy, the numbing depression and more—they’re ready to start building the future they dreamed of for themselves and their children. That’s why they founded Krause Livelihood: to raise the funds needed to afford Kim’s therapeutic equipment and to find volunteers to help them remodel their home to meet Kim’s new physical needs.

To support their efforts, we donated our services to create a full-fledged website for their cause. With their new website, the Krause family can now share their story, reach out to potential donors and volunteers, blog about what’s happening in their lives, and keep us all connected with their progress. It’s just our way of helping the Krauses reach their dreams. To learn more about this heroic family, we invite you to visit their website

*UPDATE 11/3/15*
The Krause’s have decided to remove the website while they recalibrate their fundraising efforts.


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