7 Reasons to Invest in SEO-2Let me guess: You’ve heard that “SEO is dead” or that “good” websites don’t need SEO. Wrong and wrong again. As long as there are search engines, SEO will be a critical component of any successful digital marketing mix.

If you’re not already using search engine optimization, here are just seven reasons to invest in SEO today:

  1. Cost-effectiveness – Dollar for dollar, SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available. Unlike cold-calling and “spray and pray” outbound marketing campaigns, SEO is an inbound strategy that targets users who are already actively seeking your products and services online. That makes a huge difference in terms of effectiveness.
  1. ROI – Because it is so cost-effective, search engine optimization provides concrete, quantifiable and trackable results that often blow more expensive, traditional marketing strategies out of the water.
  1. Increased Visibility – The whole point of SEO is to raise your website’s ranking in search engine results. This increased visibility means more traffic, which means more opportunities for you to connect with a new (or returning) consumer. In fact, the top ranking positions receive the vast majority of clicks, so the higher you are in the ranks the more clicks you get—and the fewer clicks you leave for your competitors.
  1. Increased Brand Awareness – Humans are big fans of familiarity, so it’s no surprise that users tend to trust brands that they see more often and that appear higher in the rankings. Whether users trust those brands more because they’re higher in the rankings or because they see them more often because they’re higher in the rankings isn’t clear, but either way, the higher you are in the SERPs, the better.
  1. Increased Traffic – Did you know that 60% of search engine users click the first result in their search results? Insane, right? Securing a top position in the search engines with good SEO means you’ll get the first shot at the majority of people searching for your service or product. Obviously, that’s a killer advantage that few other marketing strategies can offer.
  1. Your Competition – More likely than not, your competition is doing it. In fact, if you’ve noticed an unexplained slump in business, the culprit could be competitor SEO. Most business owners know: Don’t keep up with your competition and they’re sure to out maneuver you. And one way that you can make it really easy for your competition to maneuver you is to ignore SEO.
  1. Money – That’s right, good ol’ cheddar. For the potential payoff and ROI that search engine optimization offers, investing in SEO can mean paying less marketing dollars for more return.

Sure, you love your business and the work that you do, but let’s be real: it’s about the money too—so get the most out of it that you can!

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