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The Fans & Critics

Over the years, Facebook advertising has developed its fans and critics. There are some entrepreneurs who have built their small business from the ground up through Facebook advertising, and there are those that have tried the platform with infinitely less success. Like anything else in life besides death and taxes, Facebook isn’t a sure bet. Continuous testing and optimizing of any Facebook advertising strategy will always be essential. Furthermore, Facebook has some key benefits that most other platforms simply can’t rival. Here are 4 benefits of Facebook advertising that will help your business grow:

1. Targeting Facebook Ads

Facebook has an incredible amount of data on its users. It’s able to gather all of this data from the pages users like the posts we interact with and so many other variables. As a result, Facebook allows advertisers to focus in on their preferred audiences to an unparalleled level of specificity. Is your ideal customer a new homeowner, from the age of 30 – 38, who lives in the city of Milwaukee, is a college graduate, and has a particular love of the TV show, Big Bang Theory? With Facebook, you can get that specific or even more so. That level of targeting for your audience just isn’t available anywhere else.

2. Cost of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising allows you to experiment and get your feet wet with the platform for very low startup costs. You can reach several thousand unique users on the platform for $50.00. Additionally, you’re only charged when someone is eligible to see your ad. If your ad isn’t displayed on a user’s device, you won’t be charged. Because of that, you can make every dollar go a long way.

3. The Varieties of Objectives

There’s plenty of flexibility in making your ads work with your goals. You can have Facebook automatically optimize your campaigns to drive users to your site. In doing so, the platform will aim to show your ads to users that are more likely to click on your ad and visit your website. It does so with all that data we mentioned earlier.

However, maybe you’re more interested in obtaining new leads. You can also optimize your campaign to get those valuable emails from your target audience. There are a multitude of objectives that Facebook will help you advertise for, making the platform very suitable for a massive variety of businesses and services.

4. Tracking Facebook Ad Conversions

You can implement the Facebook pixel into your website with ease. From there, you can retarget and track users that visit and interact with your website. Want to know how many users clicked on your ad that took them to your website? Do you what to see where they purchased an item or filled out your contact form? Facebook’s pixel will help you track all of that, attributing which ads were part of the process of getting that sale. As a result, you can accurately measure your ROI.

The Key to Success on Facebook

Even with these benefits, and many others that we didn’t get a chance to go into, Facebook advertising won’t guarantee success right off the bat. Like any other type of digital marketing, you must have captivating content and an established, well-developed plan set in place.

Creating those key components and mastering the nuances of the platform won’t happen overnight. It takes patience and creativity. If you’ve been thinking about trying out Facebook advertising, you can see the services we offer our clients in the realm of social media. Our office is conveniently located in Milwaukee, near Wauwatosa, just a few blocks south of Mount Mary College.

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