Growing your clientele is one of the top priorities for every business. How do businesses accomplish this? There are of course several ways to do it, and depending on the industry slightly different approaches may be taken. No matter what the industry though, there are some strategies that are great to use regardless. It’s no secret that technology has been and continues to be a growing force in society worldwide, making online venues one of the simplest and most convenient ways to connect with new customers. Here are 3 terrific online options that make it simple to connect with new customers:

1. Email Contact Forms

Brew City Marketing client uses contact form to connect with customers.

The contact form on your company’s website allows a new potential customer to ask you in a quick and hassle-free way their specific question. Rather than having to call and deal with maybe having to figuring out who to talk to, being put on hold for a couple of minutes, needing to leave a message and playing phone tag, an email contact form eliminates all of that for the customer. The good news is they’ve probably already looked around on your website too and are now interested in finding out more about your services or products.

Email contact forms are a fantastic resource for both you and the customer to connect. Like, all technology, however, it can have its hiccups. One thing that’s good to be mindful of with your company’s web-to-email contact form is making sure that it’s working! There are some common glitches that can occur with web forms that are easy enough to fix if you know what they are.

2. Social Media

Brew City Marketing client using social media to connect with customers.Social media is an umbrella term that includes several outlets. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, vlogs, and YouTube are some of the most popular ones. If your business has even just a couple of these it opens your potential to connecting or being found exponentially. Making sure you post new and interesting content several times a week, if not daily, will help your social media channels be relevant and show prospective customers you stay on top of things pertinent to your industry.

3. Blog

A blog is a great way for new customers to find you in search results. Don’t think a blog is only relevant for large businesses either. No matter what the size of your business, a blog is a beneficial online resource to have. It can help your website be more easily and frequently seen, show your expertise in your industry, increase brand awareness, and provides opportunity for others to share the link to your blog. A blog is all about connecting, especially with new clients.

Brew City Marketing can support you in your efforts to continue growing your business with your online presence. Contact us today to see all the ways we can help you grow and connect with new customers.

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