Project Description

Cold Core Group, LLC is the parent company of multiple businesses that specialize in providing residential and commercial refrigeration services. With decades of experience in in-house fabrication capabilities, the family of operating companies services an extensive list of long-term, blue-chip customers across the country. 


Brew City Marketing partnered with Cold Core Group, LLC to tackle a Milwaukee multi website design bundle that included a brand new website for the parent company and redesigns on their sister companies. Their main goals was to ensure that all websites had consistent, clean, and modern branding.

Our Solutions

  • Designed and built a completely new website for Cold Core Group, LLC and redesigned the websites for their two sister companies Summit Refrigeration and All Temp Refrigeration.
  • Ensured that all branding remained consistent across all three sites.
  • Incorporated call-to-actions throughout all three sites.
  • Marked up content with On-Page SEO keywords and tagging for optimal search engine performance.
  •  Infused copy with language that tied the three companies together. 
  • Provided entire navigation restructure to streamline and increase browser engagement.