Project Description

The Education Foundation of Wauwatosa (EFW) promotes innovative opportunities within Wauwatosa’s public schools. By raising and awarding money for education initiatives they are able to prepare students for successful futures through enriching learning experiences. 


Brew City Marketing partnered with EFW to make a Milwaukee website for grants in education that prominently displays their mission and the different ways you can support it. They wanted a concept that felt current while still utilizing the bright and fun colors already included in their logo. They also were hoping the website could make it easier to donate to the foundation instead of having to use printed-out forms every time.

Our Solutions

  • Created a new website design that is easy to navigate and seamlessly incorporated their branding.
  • Built digital forms to make grant applications could easily be filled out and submitted online.
  • Infused content with CTA’s that promoted grant applications.
  • Linked their Paypal account up to the website and made the donation button prominent throughout the site to promote an increase in donations.
  • Uploaded a plugin to ensure it was an ADA-compliant website.
  • Incorporated an event calendar to showcase the annual events that help them to raise money.