Project Description

Located in Franklin, Wisconsin, Medical Equipment Compliance Associates (MECA) is a medical engineering consulting company that specializes in making sure medical and laboratory equipment meet compliance standards by performing high-quality testing and documentation. In order for a medical device to be placed on the market, in nearly all countries, it must have solid documentation proving the device is safe and effective. Experienced working with a long list of medical and laboratory equipment, MECA has the knowledge and proficiency to provide the documentation needed to show that a device meets market requirements. An authority in their field, MECA wanted an updated brand and website to reflect their knowledge and expertise.

Our Solutions

  • New logo design and branding boost
  • Custom designed website
  • On-page SEO to boost search engine rankings


  • Three months after launch, there has been an increase of 11.17% in new users to the website
  • Bounce rate has decreased by .74%