Project Description

Brothers Business Interiors had a problem: They had three different websites for their three different-but-related service lines. And, because each of the sites was unique and served its own purpose, Brothers wanted to keep all of them. What they needed was a well-branded bridge to span the gap and tie all of their websites together. Lucky for them, Brew City Marketing’s website developers have plenty of experience pulling competing websites together for multifaceted businesses.

Our Solutions

To solve Brothers Business Interiors’ multiple-website issue, we designed a single landing page that serves as a gateway to two lines of business (a third website is in the works!) and a platform for showing off their beautiful new Water Tower. Designed like a modern triptych, the branded landing page is a doorway that offers one unified gateway for all of their services and that helps them cross-sell their services across sites. To increase usability and engagement, the website also offers multiple points of contact and responsive design for mobile viewing.