Project Description

Action Graphics has a wonderfully human approach to the printing business: always put people first and you’ll reap the benefits. Not only has that ethos endeared them to us as clients, it’s also been the driving force behind their success since 1985. Understandably, they wanted that mission to flow into their website, which was in need of a refresh. Keeping with their mission, we designed a user-friendly new website with pops of color, movement, and easy-to-find information and resources.

Our Solutions

  • A complete website redesign. As leaders in graphic design, Action Graphics was understandably concerned about aesthetics. In response, we used their brand colors throughout and imbued every page with a fun but professional look and feel.
  • Added custom branding. From color palettes to fonts to logos, the branding is now cohesive across the entire website.
  • Developed a content strategy and SEO plan to help Action Graphics be found on the search engines by new customers.
  • Improved user experience. We made significant tweaks to the navigation of the site to ensure a seamless user experience.  As a result, bounce rates have decreased and the average time on the site has increased.