Whether your customers are looking for you using a mobile device, an iPad, or a PC, if your online business listings have conflicting information (or worse yet, no information at all), you’re unlikely to rank well in the search engines.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive citation building program as part of our search engine optimization services. Our directory submission services help increase the number of trusted inbound links to our clients’ websites, which in turn increases their relevance and ranking with Google.

Our Citation Building Services

Our directory submission service takes our clients’ business data and distributes it:

  • Directly to over 80 major directory companies, including Google, Yelp, Addresses.com, and more
  • Indirectly to over 250 distribution partners, including Yahoo!, Verizon.com, and Citysearch.com
  • Directly to the top directory print publishers

Each of these distribution channels then creates a web reference that helps increase our clients’ ranking and relevance with the search engines. It’s just another one of the little things that we do to keep our clients on top.

Online Citations FAQ

What are online citations?

Also known as web references, online citations are online mentions of a business’s name, address, phone number and other business information. Citations are created when a business submits their business information to a directory publisher who then distributes that information directly and indirectly through distribution channels.

Why are citations so important to local search results?

Citations are important to local search results because they help increase an organization’s credibility and relevance with the search engines, which in turn increases that organization’s ranking results. The more citations your business website has, the more inbound links it has as well, which is nearly always good for search engine ranking.

In general:

More Citations = More Credibility = Better Ranking

How does using a citation building service to manage directory submissions increase ranking?

Using a citation building service helps businesses prevent inaccurate and out-of-date listing information from spreading across the Internet, which reduces customer confusion and builds trust. This is particularly important for smaller, local businesses where service providers (and their competitors) may not even have websites.

How can using optimized directory listings help a business increase its online prominence?

Because a properly optimized directory listing that has been shared with several directories can appear in search results multiple times for the same search, it can help one business appear multiple times for one search. For instance, if someone is searching for a “Japanese restaurant” and one Japanese restaurant has listings with all of the directory publishers, that restaurant could conceivably show up for each of those publishers, giving that restaurant greater online market share than their non-directory publishing competitors. And, for local service providers, it’s much easier to present yourself as the “local expert” when all signs point to you!

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