This is the third post in Why WordPress—a Brew City Marketing original blog series about the benefits of WordPress. Watch out for our next post about how plugins expand the functionality of WordPress websites! Missed our last post? Head to the blog.

Do you have ambitions of growing your business from a small operation to a full-scale enterprise? If so, fear not: your WordPress website can grow right alongside your business.

Scalability may seem like a no-brainer, but many content management systems (CMS) on the market today often miss the mark. With that mind, let’s explore the ways WordPress trumps the competition when it comes to growth and expansion.

It’s Not Just a Blogging Platform Anymore

WordPress began as a blogging platform in 2003 but eventually evolved into a powerful CMS. Today, WordPress websites run the gamut in terms of scope and complexity, with some like the New York Times and TED featuring thousands of pages of text, media, and other content. Despite the large size of a WordPress website, performance is never compromised.

Plugins Offer Limitless Functionality

We’ll expand on this more in our next post in the series, but the thousands of plugins in the WordPress database offer your website nearly limitless functionality. Perhaps you started your business out of your home, but now you’re in need of a full-fledged e-commerce shop. Never fear: there’s a plugin for that! And if there isn’t, one can be built for you by a skilled developer or programmer at a reasonable cost. The same cannot always be said for other content management systems.

It’s a Non-Proprietary CMS

Speaking of content management systems, there are many out there today that promise long-term scalability. But in our experience, this isn’t always the case. For example: when a client of ours started her business, she opted for a proprietary CMS. To her delight, her business began to thrive, which lead to the opening of two more stores. Unfortunately, her CMS couldn’t keep up. They wanted to charge a host of fees to add or develop new website features that weren’t part of her original plan. With WordPress, it’s a completely different story: if your business needs happen to change, you never have to worry that your website will outgrow its’ functionality. Your website can change and grow as your business does.

Start small with WordPress and you won’t regret it. Not only is it cost-effective to actually scale your website when the time comes, performance is always tip-top in the hands of a skilled developer.

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