Brew City Marketing can help with making upgrades to your business website.

School is coming back, and that means families across the country are scrambling to get clothes, backpacks, and supplies together for the coming term. It also means that the warm summer weather will be fading away soon and that business will return to a normal schedule.

That’s important because while you might realize the students in your house need a little extra investment and attention at this time of year, you may be overlooking upgrades to your business website. If it could present you with a back-to-work shopping list in 2019, it would probably look something like this…

A Mobile-Compatible Website Design

A few years ago business owners were shocked to discover that mobile (phone and tablet) web users made up the majority on the internet. Now, that percentage just keeps climbing.

If buyers can’t access your business website from their favorite mobile devices, they will turn to your competitors who have kept up with the times. Additionally, you’ll lose ground on Google’s search listings which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in sales. This is an upgrade you don’t want to put off any longer.

An Audit That Uncovers Technical Issues

Today’s CMS-driven websites are more versatile than ever and don’t have to be replaced every few years like they used to. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t need any care or maintenance.

You should have your website audited periodically by a team of experts who can evaluate things like content strength, page loading speeds, online security, and programming quality. That way you can uncover any technical issues before they start affecting your ability to generate leads and sales.

A Faster Web Hosting Plan

Website speed is becoming a more and more important factor when it comes to holding the attention of your guests. Upgrading your web hosting plan costs very little but can pay you back in a big way.

In addition to making your website faster, going for premium web hosting can also give you other benefits. For instance, you might get better online security, automatic content backups, and a dedicated server that keeps your files stored on their own (and away from troublesome web “neighbors”).

Fresh Content for Your Website

There are a lot of reasons to refresh your web content regularly, and particularly going into a busy fall season. The most important, of course, is to ensure your messaging aligns perfectly with your near-term business goals.

Other benefits of adding or smoothing out your web content include better search engine positioning, more conversions, and fewer penalties for outdated or duplicate text. Add it all together and you have a situation where making a few tweaks to your pages can be highly beneficial to your business.

A Reputation Monitoring Program

One survey by Forbes showed that 90% of all buyers look at online reviews before trying out a new business or vendor. When someone looks up your company online, what do they see?

Online reputation monitoring packages are inexpensive and easy to use. They help you to understand what customers see when they start investigating your company, and to track the growth or decline of your review profile over time. That makes them a must-have item for every company as we move into the busier part of the year.

Need to Get Your Website Up to Speed in a Hurry?

If you need help making upgrades to your business website for the busy season to come, now is a perfect time to talk with our creative team. Chances are, it’s going to be a lot easier and more affordable than you might think. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help!

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