WordPress Training

While the general viewpoint is that WordPress is a simple blogging tool, it’s actually much more than that. WordPress – an open source CMS – is the “every man’s website builder” featuring thousands of free plugins, themes, widgets and other tools that make for beautiful, lead-generating, SEO-friendly websites.

Another added benefit? WordPress websites are incredibly user-friendly on the back end, too! If you’re the proud new owner of a WordPress website and you need a little help learning the ropes, we can help.

Ready to Learn More?

Changing up your website doesn’t have to be hard. We are confident that any of these three tutorial services will increase your WordPress skills. As we said earlier, we take pride in providing you with gold-standard website maintenance that our clients are raving about, but we hope that these tutorials will help you out in a pinch.

To learn more about pricing or for more information about our new suite of training services, please reach out to Danny at danny@brewcitymarketing or book an appointment below.