Hundreds of thousands of businesses use the WordPress platform for their websites. And for good reason—WP makes publishing content a breeze, it allows even small businesses to have larger-than-life personas online, and it can dramatically reduce website development and maintenance costs. Unfortunately, organizations without dedicated technology staff are finding that they still occasionally need a little IT TLC to keep their WP websites secure and fully functional.

If you have a WP website you love but lack the time or skills to keep it in shape, we can help. Our WP site management package includes:

As-needed WordPress Support

Like an on-call IT team, you can count on us to be there when you need us. Whether your problem is a bad update, a fussy plugin, or some mystery hacker’s bad mojo, our support team will jump in to understand your problem and get it resolved lickety-split.

Automatic Backups

Few things are as catastrophic to a business as losing its entire online presence and content library. With guaranteed automatic backups you never have to worry about being the business that disappears overnight.

24/7 Site Surveillance

Your website’s visitors care about internet security just as much as you do. Which is why all it takes is one software virus or malware infection to permanently ruin any chance you have with them. Our support team can help keep your business site free of malicious software that can ruin its presence and performance.

Performance Optimization

Slow websites frustrate users and push them right where you don’t want them to be: into the waiting arms of your competitors. As part of our ongoing performance ops, we’ll regularly monitor your website’s performance to keep it running clean and lean.