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Scrolling through our portfolio, you may notice that some websites are image-heavy while others are sparser. Some feature rich typography, while others showcase the work of a talented digital artist. Every website is different, creating a unique visual link to each brand represented. What makes this uniqueness possible? WordPress. WordPress websites are 100% customizable, allowing for nearly limitless design possibilities.

The customization process begins with choosing a template. Other CMS’s use templates, but WordPress definitely wins in terms of the sheer number. To date, there are thousands upon thousands of templates to choose from–and all are easily customizable. Curious about what you can customize on a WordPress website? Here are just a fraction of the elements that you can manipulate on your own, or with the help of a talented designer knowledgeable in CSS:

  • Font
  • Images
  • Colors
  • Menus
  • Layout
  • Videos
  • Widgets and more

By contrast, DIY website builders often limit you to a template that, while beautiful, can be difficult to customize to your exact specifications. Additionally, the templates are often proprietary; so even if you do manage some level of customization, it’s quite limited. We found this out the hard way with a client of ours who had a beautiful website she created on a popular website builder. Though we ended up having to design her website from scratch, she was much happier in the end. Not only did she have complete creative control over how her website looked, she also had the same level of control in how her brand is portrayed.

In a world of quickly changing tastes, your website needs to stand out. Luckily, WordPress allows you to be as original and innovative as you want to be. Of course, it makes sense to follow usability conventions. And naturally, the more time spent on design, the higher the web design cost. But the ability to customize your website to your exact specifications is definitely there, and that, in our opinion, is just one more thing that makes WordPress great.

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