People that don’t sit down for a living will probably scoff, but it’s actually pretty uncomfortable for your body! It goes both ways: standing too long isn’t great, and the same goes for the ladder. As digital marketers, we sit in front of a computer 90% of the time. Brew City Marketing has really been taking a magnifying glass to our employee appreciation efforts, and one thing we knew would help our team out is a more healthy and comfortable way to carry out their work. Keep reading for why we decided to provide our marketing staff with the option to stand with standing desks.

The Benefits of Standing Desks

Some call them standing desks, some say stand-up desks. In any case, they allow you to sit or stand while you work. There are a variety of different options on the market. But as you can see in our photo included here, it’s a pretty straight-forward situation. 

We love our standing desks because:

They can help improve your mood.  Sitting all day at work can become tiresome. We need ways to change it up as we take phone calls and optimize our clients’ websites. The second that our brains start to become bored, having the option to lift up the desk and give our hips a little room makes a huge difference in our mood.


It keeps that blood flowing. And you know what good blood flow means! Standing on your feet  is proven to cut the risks of heart disease-related deaths in half. Healthy heart, healthy body, healthy mind, healthy work-life.


This one is obvious: more movement and less weight gain.  Sure, standing up a couple of times a day at your desk doesn’t necessarily equal “exercise.” Still, standing instead of sitting has its benefits to your physical fitness. Studies have shown that if you spend an afternoon sitting for 50% of the time and standing for the other 50%, that time standing can help you burn over 170 calories. 


It saves your posture/reduces back pain. This is probably the biggest one, coming from folks who work in front of computers so much of the day. It’s just so easy to slouch. No matter how many times you remind yourself to sit up straight, it still becomes a strain on your poor back. With a standing desk, you can literally work it into your day. (PHONE ALERT: Time to stand up!…..PHONE ALERT:  Okay you can sit back down now.)


Next time you visit us at Brew City Marketing feel free to take a peek at our desks! 

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