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Tax Management & Financial Horizons


Led by Michael Sargeant, Tax Management & Financial Horizons offers quality income tax and accounting services to businesses and individuals in southeastern Wisconsin. Tax Management wanted a website that would help it stand out in a highly-saturated market, so we built a custom, fully-responsive WordPress website that accomplishes exactly that. Our Solutions Our team began [...]

Heartland Wisconsin Corp.


For almost 19 years, Heartland Wisconsin Corp has been the go-to company for any business needing a heavy-equipment loan in Milwaukee and beyond. Their custom, handcrafted WordPress website courtesy of Brew City Marketing not only showcases their expertise of competitive financing but also serves as a one-stop shop for their customers. Our Solutions Because Heartland’s [...]

Premier Financial Management Services


Premier Financial Management Services provides Fiscal Employer Agent (FEA) and Fiscal Conduit services to individuals in nationwide long-term care programs. The “new kid on the block” of the FEA world, Premier FMS came to Brew City Marketing for help in not only promoting their new company, but in creating a website that is as accessible [...]

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