Project Description

Located in Grafton, Leading Edge Payroll & HR Solutions is a group of HR professionals, and payroll and benefits specialists who offer customized solutions and personal service. With over 100 years of experience, Leading Edge offers customized solutions that businesses cannot get from the large “Big Box” companies, while offering the same depth of technology-driven services. Wanting to extend the customization of their business to their website, the team at Leading Edge enlisted Brew City’s help in redesigning their website. The result is a stunning new website showcasing the customized solutions they offer through a user-friendly interface, branded design and customized functionalities that reflect the personalized service of their business.

Our Solutions

  • On-page SEO to boost their search rankings and authority, driving more traffic and customers to their website.
  • Custom website redesign using WordPress resulting in a modern interface with professional photos and client testimonials.
  • Branded and designed their logo.


  • Since site launch only four months ago, over 1,500 new users have visited the website.
  • The average user visits multiple pages while only spending just under one minute on the website meaning they are finding relevant information quickly without hassle.