Project Description

Now entering its third decade of operation, Golden Maid serves thousands of families in the Greater Milwaukee area. Golden Maid is an owner-operated Milwaukee-based cleaning company boasting a professionally trained staff deployed to client’s homes only after a stringent background check process. Golden Maid uses eco-friendly cleaning products as part of a clean, green initiative.
Our top priority was to improve Golden Maid’s sales via website by adding key SEO components to attract potential clients and invite visitors to act through a host of design and development upgrades. We created a clean and simple aesthetic throughout their site to mesh with Golden Maid’s goal to bring cleanliness and simplicity to people’s homes. In addition, we supplied Online Reputation Monitoring with our ReviewFlow process which allows clients to monitor all online reviews. Next, we implemented gift card purchasing to increase sales and provide ease for gift-giving through the website. Finally, we integrated quote request/scheduling software to create an easier, far more interactive user experience.

Our Solutions

  • Updated Web design with clean, company-matching aesthetics
  • Refreshed brand logo to reveal a more modern appearance
  • Provided backend WordPress hosting for more flexibility and performance
  • Added Online Reputation Monitoring Manager ReviewFlow
  • Delivered gift card purchasing for online gift-giving
  • Integrated interface for easy client scheduling/quote requesting
  • Upgraded on-page and off-page SEO with key social media management tools