Project Description

Located in the Greater Milwaukee metro area, Bob O’Brien Insulation is a family owned company that specializes in insulation and ventilation services. They are proud to have served Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin since 1976, and aim to protect homes while providing year- round savings from more efficient insulation. With Brew City’s help, Bob O’Brien Insulation finally had an online presence that was an extension of who they are as a family-owned business.

Our Solutions

  • On-page SEO to boost their search rankings and authority, driving more traffic and customers to their website.
  • Refreshed their logo and website for a modern look and feel.
  • Custom website redesign resulting in a clean interface.


  • In the first quarter of having the new website, 83.3% of all website visitors at that time were brand new.
  • The average visitor visited 2.17 pages meaning they were able to explore the site and find the information they were seeking.