We often hear about website and search engine optimization, but social media optimization (SMO) has not quite reached the same level of importance or urgency. But make no mistake: optimizing your website’s content for social media is an important step in building brand authority and increasing awareness of your business or products.

Steps for Optimizing Your Content:

Prepare your site for sharing on social media channels

The first step to optimizing your content for social media is making sure your site itself is shareable. One way to accomplish this is by setting up a blog on your site which would allow users to link back to you. Once your blog is set up, take it to the next level by making tagging and bookmarking easy for users. Connect to bookmarking sites, social news sites, and social event sites.

Add social networking features to your site or blog

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn offer free widgets that you can deploy on your site to connect users back to those same social networks. These widgets allow users to take polls, share media, and otherwise interact with the social network without ever having to leave your site.

Create content that people will want to share

While there are certainly no guarantees online, it’s important to create content people will want not only want to read but share. You can create shareable content by sticking closely to these three general guidelines: keep your topics simple and focused, keep your sense of humor, and only publish content that’s credible, not obvious clickbait.

Discover what content is popular with your audience

Seems simple enough, but the pages that get the most likes, shares and comments are the pages your audience is most interested in. Spend time analyzing the types of content that attract readers and emulate their formula. Knowing your audience will allow you to increase those likes and shares and build brand awareness organically.

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