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Why WordPress: Search Engines Love WordPress

This is the first post in Why Wordpress?, an original blog series about the benefits of Wordpress and how it’s “gone to work” for actual Brew City clients. Next time, we’ll be talking about how Wordpress allows your website to grow as your business does. Follow our blog to keep up with every post in the series! Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo love Wordpress websites. Why? To put it simply: Wordpress was built to encourage search engines to crawl your website for content--and keep [...]

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Why WordPress: A Blog Series

If you use Wordpress to publish content on the web, you’re in good company. From the New York Times to Forbes Magazine, Wordpress is arguably the top content management system on the web today. But, with dozens of other content management systems to choose from, why do over 75 million bloggers, artists, business owners and more choose Wordpress? And more importantly, if you’re a business owner who’s considering building a website of your own, why should you? In “Why Wordpress”, our six-part blog series, we’ll [...]

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Why Should Milwaukee Small Businesses Choose a Milwaukee Web Design Company?

As web-savvy internet marketers, we understand the allure of tapping a global marketplace to meet your business needs. But, as business owners ourselves, we also recognize that sometimes it’s better to source your services from your local economy rather than trying to outsource it online. If you’re a Milwaukee business owner in the market for a new website, consider this: A Milwaukee web design company will know your market, intimately. A good web site speaks through colors, words, and myriad other design elements that resonate [...]

From Myanmar to Milwaukee — Website Design for World Travelers

With dozens of biking trips and thousands of miles under their wheels, Peter and Sally Blommer knew that sharing their long history of two-wheeled world travel wouldn't be easy. Having bicycled everywhere from Cuba to Cambodia (and seemingly everywhere in between!), they wanted a new website that made it easier for friends and visitors to see where they'd been and which trips they liked best. They came to Brew City Marketing because they knew they had a lot of content that wasn't well organized, making [...]

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We’re Flushing Away the Competition

When Alpine Plumbing decided it was time to update their six-year-old website with the new services they now have to offer, we showed them how a modern, dynamic website could really set them apart from their competition. Now they have a new website that's ready to flush away their competitors by showcasing their services, experience and capabilities. They even have a YouTube channel to chronicle their work. Check out Alpine Plumbing's redesigned website, and see how we managed their: Website redesign WordPress content management Brand [...]

Here we go, raising the roof again!

When Dave North decided that it was time to revamp his roofing company’s website, he had more in mind than just your standard website refresh. In fact, with his old site clocking in at nearly 5 years old, he knew that there was a lot that we could do to help him take advantage of social media and new third-party Internet applications. And help we did! Now Dave’s site showcases his team’s incredible skill at implementing high-end roofing projects. To help him get his social [...]

Our Holistic Approach to Web Design

Soothe your senses by taking a moment to check out our website redesign for Be Well Yoga and Ayurveda. Integrating their philosophy of inner peace and mindfulness, we designed a website that offers a truly whole body experience. Clean and modern, it soothes and comforts while explaining the ancient wisdom and beauty principles that guide their yoga and Ayurveda services. Be Well’s new website integrates an events calendar, online scheduling and a service menu, making it easier for health- and wellness-seeking clients to schedule appointments [...]

When Was the Last Time You Backed Up Your Website?

Do you back up your own website? How long has it been since you backed it up? If you can’t remember, it may be time to rethink how you’re maintaining it. Once your business website is built and the “hard” work is done, it’s easy to think that everything else can now run on automatic. Unfortunately, for small and large business owners alike, that’s not really the case. In today’s world of ever-evolving technology, security threats, and rapid-fire software changes, there will always be the [...]

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WordPress Security Management

A surprisingly high number of business owners and executives hardly ever think about WordPress hosting and security. After all, they rationalize, they don't have access to million-dollar accounts or customer credit card numbers… they couldn't possibly have to worry about sophisticated cyber crimes. That's understandable, but it also isn't the way WordPress security works. In fact, smaller websites and blogs have more to worry about than other sites, not less, because most thieves and hackers aren’t looking for a huge payout – they are looking [...]

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