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How One Client Got Roped Into Buying A Shiny Metal Object And Walked Away With Dirt

Initial Meeting With Client About Web Design I had an interesting call today with a client who hired us to build a new website for their business. As we got acquainted, he mentioned that they had another website out there, with a national website builder company. While I can't say their name, I can say that it rhymes with “Blottle”. Blottle brought this client on 5 months ago and started billing them $600 per month. When I asked the client what they were getting for [...]

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What Exactly Is Schema?

What Exactly Is Schema? Structured data is a big topic, but we aren’t going to get into the technical nitty-gritty. If you’re interested in that, we recommend checking out or this guide on schema from BrightLocal. An easy way to understand schema is by thinking of it like sticky notes on your website. These notes tell Google what something is, where it belongs, and how it relates to your website. Here is an easy illustration that shows a few common structured data points.   [...]

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What You Need to Know About Schema

You may have heard recently about Schema. Basically, that’s short for “structured data,” and it has to do with the way search engines like Google read your website. It’s an important tool for local businesses who want to find customers online. We recently sat down with our SEO expert, Austin, to discuss the basics of Schema, the outlook of Schema in the next year, and why as a local business you should be implementing this strategy in your SEO efforts. Enjoy! Nick: So, let’s start at the [...]

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The Google Map Pack

What is the Google Map Pack? The three local listings that sit above the organic results of a search engine results page, Google introduced the map pack, also known as the 3 pack, back in 2015. Depending on what you search for through Google, the system will often decide that you’re looking for a local business. When that occurs, the map pack will show three local companies at the top of the results page. Getting into this map pack can drive large amounts of traffic [...]

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4 Important Google Analytics Metrics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, jam-packed with useful information about your website. Facts such as who is visiting, how long they are staying, where they’re coming from, and how many pages they’ve visited are just the tip of the analytics iceberg, and the volume of information can make it a confusing experience for many users. While Google Analytics is an excellent source of data about your website, figuring out what the numbers mean and whether or not your website is successful can be difficult. [...]

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5 Eternal SEO Truths

Search engine optimization is a complex field that’s constantly changing. But in an industry of ever-changing algorithms and almost no guarantees, it’s reassuring to know that certain eternal SEO “truths” persist. Here are our top 5 Eternal SEO Truths: Results are not immediate, nor are they permanent Search engine algorithms take time to index content, which usually means you won’t see a return on your investment for six months or more. Additionally, because search engine algorithms are constantly evolving to bring better and faster results to [...]

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How to Bring Local and Contextual Search Together

Local search and contextual algorithms are two of the most important search engine optimization trends to have developed in a long time. But, while a lot of marketers are aware of them, many internet marketers aren’t using these features to their fullest potential. Local search, of course, just means using geographic keywords within your pages to attract buyers from your area. And contextual search refers to Google’s ever-increasing ability to go beyond simple keyword matches to determine searcher intent. A smart way to make the [...]

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Get Answers to Your Most Important Marketing Questions

Ever wish you had your own personal panel of advertising experts that you could tap for insider-only insights on how to market your business online, in print and via direct mail? Well, now's your chance: Our own Mark Dalnodar will help lead an advertising panel discussion on January 27th at the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin office in Milwaukee that will include advertising industry experts across a wide range of advertising distribution channels. Seating is limited, so RSVP here soon for the opportunity to ask [...]

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3 Local Business Marketing Trends for 2016

The new year is here, so if you haven’t already shored up your local marketing business plan, now is the time to tick that box off your to-do list. As the buy local movement continues to grow, so does the need for a smart local marketing plan that engages your consumers where they are: online. Here are three of the biggest internet marketing trends we see affecting local businesses in 2016. Some may seem like oldies, but that’s because they’re goodies, and the fact that [...]

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New SEO Means Getting Back to Basics

Somewhere along the way, some local internet marketers forgot that they had to keep up with the ever-changing rules of SEO to stay competitive. For them, the old days of carefully calculated keyword percentages is still in full effect, even while their page rankings continue to slip. Web marketers who’ve paid attention to the changing rules of the game, however, realize that those old-school SEO tactics don’t work anymore. Instead, businesses need to focus on delivering usable websites that make an impression. Only then will [...]

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