Boost Your Brand with the Power of Social Media

Social media can feel daunting, confusing and ultimately frustrating for many small business owners. Add in the difficulties of running the day to day operations, and many times this highly valuable digital marketing avenue gets swept under the rug. We understand the importance of building a brand online in order to grow your business and get results.

Advertising and contributing to social networking sites allows your business the opportunity for very select niche communication. It is a great place for you to test your marketing messages among a self-selected audience who have identified themselves as being interested in the product or service you have to offer.

Brew City Marketing provides social media set-up, consultation, and management. We can design your social pages to match your current branding and set-up all the business listing information, add photos, content, and a link back to your website.

Our Process


Conduct a complete social media audit to review your existing accounts.

We look at you and your competitors to gain insights on your industry, get to know your business, and figure out how you can stand out from the pack. We then decide what social platforms are right for your needs and goals.


Plan a calendar based on your business, industry and sales cycles.

Always shooting for quality over quantity, we build the perfect posts promoting focused, engaging, and interesting content aligned with your business’ goals.


Expand your brand with the power of Facebook and/or LinkedIn advertising.

We take the confusion out of getting your business in front of the right eyes. Drive traffic and leads to your website, increase sales and gain new business with the help of detailed targeting.


Marketing is, after all, doing less of what doesn’t work and more of what does.

We monitor your social performance, analyze, and tweak when necessary to meet your goals as fast as possible. At the end of the month, we make sure to get you detailed reports of what we’re doing in order to be as transparent as possible and keep everyone’s goals aligned.

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