AlphaInvestment_BrandBoard-page-001Sometimes we local marketers get so wrapped up in our smartphones that we forget that mobile marketing doesn’t end at the phone. There’s a wide world of mobile devices out there ready to be used in mobile marketing campaigns, and the time is ripe to make the most of them.

Case in point: tablets. A 2015 local marketing trend that we expect to see in full effect by the end of the year is an increase in mobile marketing targeted for tablet-sized devices. Roughly 50% of American adults already own a tablet or e-reader, and tablets continue to increase in popularity with children and working professionals. (And it’s not hard to see why: tablets can offer usability and functional benefits that make them ideal for online shopping, professional applications, prolonged reading and/or online research, and more.) With a rising number of people using tablets on a day-to-day basis, we’re sure to see more marketers optimizing ads specifically for tablets and e-readers.

If you’ve already optimized your website for phones and other small mobile devices, great. But don’t forget about tablets. Consumers expect seamless integration across devices, and that ever-growing list of devices now includes these right-sized mobile devices.

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