tabletsAs local marketers who live and breathe local SEO, the increasing popularity and importance of mobile marketing in local marketing is no surprise. Heck, it’s no big secret that smartphones and mobile devices are a dream come true when it comes to marketing to a precise, local market. And that’s why each and every business in the country with a local marketing plan needs to prioritize its mobile marketing strategy in 2015.

How important will mobile be? How about this important: According to The Guardian, mobile advertising is predicted to be the most important driver of the advertising economy over the next three years, accounting for more than $30 billion in new revenue by 2016. And, according to predictions from local media guru Gordon Borrel, 88% of all online advertising will be delivered via mobile devices. Those are huge numbers, which means there’s a huge opportunity for small business to get a lot of business from smart mobile marketing strategies.

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