Do you have a COVID policy posted on your website for your business clientele? If not, we can write one and add it to your homepage for you!

So much has changed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Despite state and local efforts, it does not look like the pandemic will conclude anytime soon; in fact, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin are once again on the rise. As we enter flu season in general, it is now more important than ever to make sure that your business is adhering to a strict code of safety standards to protect the health of your colleagues, business partners, families, and friends. That said, business needs to continue, and being prepared to walk clients through your business’ COVID-19 safety measures is an effective way to provide your clients peace of mind when conducting business at your facility. In the digital age, the easiest way for a client to find out more about your business’ policies is through your landing page. If you are looking to add a statement to your website, Brew City Marketing will handle your landing page needs and write a statement for you!

Not Sure What to Include? We Can Help.

It can be daunting to put together a plan of action for working through a pandemic; after all, none of us have ever had to do this. Fortunately, Brew City Marketing can help you and your business draft a set of guidelines and restrictions for operating a safe workspace in the era of COVID. Due to Governor Evers’ state mask-mandate, most people are aware of mask policies and proper mask usage, but the finer details can be difficult to navigate, for example:

  • What kind of masks are the most effective?
  • Why are some masks more effective than others?
  • Does everyone have to wear a mask all of the time?
  • How can you be sure your work environment is safe for employees and guests?

Similarly, news reports indicate that the virus spreads itself through sneezing and coughing, but there are more factors to take into consideration to mitigate the chances of harmful viral spread. Brew City Marketing has implemented its own strict set of guidelines, and we would be more than happy to help draft guidelines or press releases for you so that you can conduct business (almost) as usual without having to worry about drafting an intricate plan of your own.

Check Out Brew City’s COVID Policy Here:

If your business, high volume or otherwise, needs a plan of action sooner rather than later, send an email to our Project Manager, April for more information about our COVID-19 related services. We know how difficult this time has been for everyone, and we want to do what we can to set you and your customers’ minds at ease—implementing a strong, science-informed plan is one of many steps we can take together to ensure that everyone stays safe and in business. If you have any additional questions or concerns about how we can help, contact our awesome team at Brew City Marketing today!

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