Internet Marketing Milwaukee ROIOne subtle change in the way businesses have approached web design and Internet marketing in the last few years has been a shift away from pure design mistakes and toward bottom-line improvement. In other words, they’ve been demanding a bigger return on investment from every project.

And while some web design teams might be fretting over the distinction, it’s mostly been a great thing for the industry. A bigger awareness of sales and expenses forces designers to do better work, and clients to make better choices.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t big holes in the approaches that most take, however. We have seen time and time again that businesses and business web design teams alike often miss one of the easiest ways to increase their online earning potential: develop a strong reputation.

In this context, “a strong reputation” equates to having potential customers find good things about you when they turn to sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. There are a number of ways you can stack the odds in your favor:

  • Write and publish press releases about your business.

  • Actively solicit customer reviews, both on your own website and through social media.

  • Dispute any false negative information about your business, employees, or products.

  • Be proactive with customer service and company announcements.

Developing a strong online reputation takes strategy and time, which is why it is an Internet marketing detail that a lot of businesses often overlook. Don’t make the same mistake, not with so many future sales and business opportunities dependent on what people see when they search for your company name. Contact us for a free Milwaukee Internet marketing consultation.

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