Text marketing is permission based, relatively inexpensive, and immediate. It is a excellent way to get extremely targeted impressions because even if consumers don’t redeem the offer, 95% of them saw your business name.

Unlike other marketing methods, text messages are:

  • Typically read within 15 minutes of receipt
  • Redemption rates are 12-30% (compared to only 1-1.5% for direct mail!)
  • Measurable
  • Targeted
  • Permission Based
  • Immediate

Text message marketing can be used by a lot of different service industries that want to fill up their schedule and offer a premium rate in order to get business during slow times. But it can also be used as a mobile billboard that gets impressions each time someone sees your text, keeping your business top of mind. 

Brew City Marketing is a marketing company that will tell you how text marketing can be used to bring more revenue to your business. The beauty of text marketing is it is permission based; your customers have to give us the okay to text them and they can opt-out anytime.

You’ll need a plan in place to build your text message client list but the ROI is worth it. If you’d like to learn how to integrate text messaging into your marketing strategy, contact Brew City Marketing today! 414-208-0700