Without a doubt, digital marketing is one of the world’s fastest growing and most exciting industries. With only a few months left in 2016, we thought we’d help our readers plan ahead by giving our best predictions for 2017’s top digital marketing trends. Check out our list below.

Video content

If content is king, then videos are making a slow, but sure ascent to royalty status. These days, you can’t scroll through your Facebook newsfeed without catching a video cooking tutorial or news post. We fully expect video to continue its dominance in 2017 and beyond.

Mobile Message Apps

Mobile messaging apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp allow users to communicate on platforms outside of traditional social networks. While many in the digital marketing world were initially wary of mobile messaging, it’s proven to be an effective business tool that helps expose brands to new audiences.

Continued Mobile Dominance

Speaking of mobile, expect it to maintain its dominance through 2017 and the foreseeable future. Experts predict that 1 out of 4 users will have a wearable device by the close of 2016, which means that companies should allocate marketing funds to ensuring content is optimized for mobile platforms.

Cross-Device Marketing Optimization (CRO)

Mobile device use is increasing, but many users continue to visit the web on their desktop or laptop. This is why companies should employ a multi-channel approach to marketing in order to enhance the end-user’s experience on all devices, not just one.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing, or marketing that directly engages consumers, is set to take off in 2017. We fully expect brands to leverage 3D and VR (virtual reality) and other technologies to fully immerse users in their brand and their products.


Expect brands to laser focus on hyper-personalizing products and services. Applying a similar tactic to your marketing strategy will help increase trust in your brand and help you build credibility amongst unknown audiences.

These trends won’t just benefit you in 2017, you’ll feel the reverberations for years to come. Wondering how to capitalize on these digital marketing trends and help your company succeed? Call us. 414-208-0700.