Each industry is experiencing its own challenges due to the coronavirus quarantine. We have watched as some companies have made immediate updates to their services, while others have struggled with knowing what changes will be most effective. None of us knew to prepare for this, so it’s understandable if you’re feeling at a bit of a loss. That’s why we have come up with this list of ways for your business to keep selling during quarantine.

1. Utilize an E-commerce Platform

A lot of companies have actually avoided becoming part of the e-commerce world. It can feel like entering a whole new ballgame of business. If that’s you, here is your chance to dive in and get comfortable with it. Not only will it help you continue to sell now, but it will expand your reach when things return back to normal. Plus, a good platform will help you to analyze your market and get to know your customer base even better than you do now. Not sure which platform to use? We at BCM use WooCommerce, and we like it a lot! If you want to peruse more, the internet is your friend. Check out this list to see what other platforms are out there and read their reviews if you want a little more info.

2. Offer Gift Cards for Purchase on Your Website

Your company might not be the type to be able to offer services from a distance. No matter if it is or not, gift cards are a great way to keep selling during quarantine. Along with the gift card, you can also add some extra incentive for purchase. For example, ‘buy a $100 gift card and receive a free $10 dollar one with it!”. Send out an email or post about your new special offer on your social media, and you may be surprised how much of your customer base will respond.

3. Adjust to Your Customer’s Needs

Consider the position that everyone has been put in, only being able to go out and about when necessary. Make a list of all the things your customers are probably wishing they can have that has become difficult for them to get. Now, can your company do anything to provide for them? Local business, Don’s Diner & Cocktails, no longer could serve its customer base within the restaurant. The owners chose to change the space into a grocery & liquor store, with the included option of lunches and dinners prepared to go. They also incorporated paper products into their inventory, seeing that that’s what so many people were searching for when they went out for groceries. Adjusting to the times in this way will make a huge difference when it comes to your selling efforts.

4. Clean Up Your Marketing Plan

Do you know what most of your customers are doing right now? They’re at home, watching tv, reading new articles, checking social media for updates, and browsing whatever other ‘socially distant’ platform they can. That’s why it’s so important that your marketing game is polished and alive. Make sure you’re present on social media, continue to post, and ensure that your brand represents your company in the best light possible. Check out our recent post on ways to remain present on the internet here.

5. Learn from Others Making it Work

Take a look around. What are other companies doing to stay afloat? How can you take from that and make it unique to your business? Change isn’t easy, but seeing other people successfully doing it can be very encouraging. Besides Don’s, some other local businesses that are doing a great job selling during quarantine are:

  • Miss Molly’s Cafe & Pastry Shop: Now offering delivery of breakfast lunch and newly added dinners for 4.
  • Honey Pie Cafe: Now offering delivery and whole roasted chicken family meals.
  • Whole Foods Market: Now opening an hour early for only the senior citizens to be able to safely come and purchase groceries.
  • Tandem MKE: Offering family meals for curbside pick up and donating perishables to community efforts.

These are just a few examples, but many are making changes like these.

We’re Here for You

At least we know we are all in this boat together. With enough teamwork, we can all continue to keep floating our way through this. Our team is here for all of your digital marketing needs. What can we do for you? Please reach out to us and let us know!

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