Local search and contextual algorithms are two of the most important search engine optimization trends to have developed in a long time. But, while a lot of marketers are aware of them, many internet marketers aren’t using these features to their fullest potential.

Local search, of course, just means using geographic keywords within your pages to attract buyers from your area. And contextual search refers to Google’s ever-increasing ability to go beyond simple keyword matches to determine searcher intent.

A smart way to make the most of these features is by using them together and offering subtle clues about geography on your website. For example, instead of just mentioning the name of a city for a city-specific service page (like Milwaukee), your pages could integrate the names of landmarks (like the Avalon Theater), individual street names (like Howell Avenue), and specific neighborhoods (like Bay View) into your content.

These kinds of content tactics help Google (and real-life searchers) understand that you truly know and work in a certain area. It can resonate with website visitors and it may also separate you from competitors who have optimized one or two page titles in an effort to siphon customers from your city, but who aren’t truly local.

Local and contextual search are both now more heavily emphasized by Google than ever before. But does your site use them together for maximum internet marketing effect? Call 414-208-0700 or fill out our contact form today to find out.

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