Ever notice how some sports teams get “hot” and win championships all the time, while others can’t seem to break out of slumps? The same thing tends to happen with momentum in online marketing.  Work in our industry for long enough, and you’ll notice that business owners and executives tend to fall into distinct upward and downward cycles, as well. Specifically, they are almost always building on their success or falling into spirals (and then reaping the appropriate awards or facing the subsequent consequences).

Will your internet marketing campaign ultimately ascend or flatten into nothing? In order to help you figure it out and avoid the wrong path, let’s take a quick look at each one…

How Online Growth Builds Over Time

The best way to become successful on the internet is to build a strong base for your online marketing campaign and then watch it grow bigger and higher over time.

That enduring success begins with research and planning. A business owner and his or her creative team should know exactly what they want to accomplish. Then, they can use smart investments, a touch of creativity, and consistent effort to start moving towards those results. They place ads, write blog posts, and update their social media accounts. They revise their website at regular intervals and study analytics to ensure their campaigns keep moving forward and never get stagnant.

Before long the combination of planning and consistent effort starts to show results. Search engine positioning improves, buyers flock to the website, and new sales or leads come pouring in. That leads to even more activity investment, which leads to even bigger results until the business is in such a strong position that it’s hard for a competitor to ever catch up. At that point, it doesn’t take a huge effort to keep the money rolling in. The plan just seems to keep working almost on its own.

Let’s contrast that with what happens when you’re in a downward spiral.

How Businesses End up on a Downward Online Marketing Spiral

Usually, a downward spiral in online marketing starts off on the wrong foot. Rather than spending the time or money needed to get the fundamentals squared away, a business owner (or their creative team) decides to cut a few corners. They look for shortcuts, skip steps, or just pursue tactics they hope will pay off without really knowing why.

It’s only inevitable, of course, that such an approach isn’t going to sustain any kind of online marketing or lead generation results over time. So, with the bottom line suffering, the business either doubles down on quick-fix strategies or stops investing time and money into their website altogether. Things get even worse and they fall farther and farther behind their competitors until it seems hopeless to even try anything new.

Be careful: forward momentum can degrade into a downward spiral through neglect or an unwillingness to try new ideas. Without a little bit of care and attention, even the most profitable website can stop producing revenue.

Is it Time to Put Your Online Marketing on a New Trajectory?

Laptop showing upward trajectory for Brew City Marketing Client.If you’ve never gotten the kinds of results you hoped for from your website, or simply want to kick-start your campaigns so you can become more profitable in the next few months, this is your chance. Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation. In just an hour or less we’ll help you to understand what’s working for you online, what isn’t, and how you can earn a higher ROI without wasting your time or budget.

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