Facebook Advertising

These days, Facebook is more than just “likes”

Brew City Marketing leverages Facebook’s powerful advertising platform in order to increase website clicks, improve brand presence, and gain new leads! Facebook has more than 2 billion users worldwide, which means they have created a unique opportunity for your businesses to reach your target audience with incredible accuracy. With our Facebook advertising services, you choose the type of people you want to reach, and we deliver your ads to them. We bring you results by using showing ads to a relevant audience on Facebook that’s most likely to convert.

Why should your brand advertise on Facebook?

Facebook has over 1 billion people logging in every day.

With this many users, it can only mean one thing, more business! The expansive user base of Facebook creates a huge supply of potential clients interested in your product or service.

Facebook has the data.

The use of data is a highly debated subject these days but the truth of the matter is, it provides advertisers and businesses the ability to hyper-target the right people and serve up ads at the right time. This creates a very efficient way of advertising, which means lower costs and more accurate results across the board.

Facebook is the king of mobile.

More people are using mobile phones to search, post, and browse than ever before and the world’s number one mobile app is, you guessed it, Facebook.

What can Facebook advertising do for you?

  • Drive in-store sales: Increase foot traffic and get new customers through the door by making it easier to find and share information on your business.

  • Increase online sales: Get your products in front of new eyes with Facebook advertising.

  • Generate leads: Potential leads and fills out a contact form for more information or an estimate easily and natively through Facebook.

  • Increase Website traffic: Looking to get more users on your site? We can develop a campaign that drives relevant traffic to your blog, services page, contact form, and more!

Powerful Facebook Ad targeting

Facebook’s vast user base allows advertisers to find the right audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, connections, and custom built audiences. Check out this great video describing Facebook’s ability to serve ads to the right audience…

What Brew City Marketing can do:

We have multiple packages that fit any business and its goals. Some of the Facebook advertising services provided include:

  • Account management: You will be assigned a dedicated account manager to answer any questions and be a point of contact for your account.

  • Copy-writing: We’ll write engaging and results driving copy for your ads in order to drive traffic and generate conversions.

  • Conversion Tracking: We install all the necessary tracking tools in order to show you the conversions and results of your advertising campaigns.

  • Graphic Design: We’ll edit any images you have or create brand new ones for your campaigns.

  • AB Testing: With each campaign, we typically run a few different versions of your ads in order to test which one resonates best with its audience and delivers the best ROI.

  • Re-marketing: Interested in advertising only to people who have visited your blog? We can do that with Facebook re-marketing.

  • Custom Audiences: We can build custom audiences such as people who read your blog, visitors to the website within the last 30 days, or users that are similar to your email list.



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