Are you getting everything that you want and hope to get from your social media marketing? Within the business community, and even among avid internet marketers, there seem to be two major groups: the 49% who ignore social media marketing altogether, and the other 49% who pour time, energy, and money into it, wondering if they should be getting more from the effort. (In case you’re wondering, the other 2% are those who actually have lots of engaged social followers and who use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn profitably.)

Clearly, social media marketing is too big to pass over… and yet, you don’t really want to spend time and money on something that might not show a clear ROI, either. So, how do you avoid falling into either group?

The easy answer is to treat social networking the same way you would treat pay-per-click advertising. You can bet that, when dollars and cents are on the line with every click, business owners and executives pay close attention to the number of sales being generated, and at what cost.

So, why not take that same kind of thinking to social media marketing? Give yourself an allotment of time, money, or creative energy, and then see how many new business opportunities can be traced back to your social accounts. Not only will that force you to be more measured in the approach you take to sites like Facebook, but you’ll actually do a better job of figuring out which social profiles work for you and why.

For social media marketing to work, you need the right strategy and execution. Treat it like any other project that you pay for, and you’ll soon find the answers that are right for your business.

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